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Frank Zappa – Waka/Jawaka(CD)

Frank Zappa – Waka/Jawaka(CD)

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Waka/Jawaka (also known as Waka/Jawaka — Hot Rats) is the fourth solo album by Frank Zappa, released in July 1972. The album is the jazz-influenced precursor to The Grand Wazoo (November 1972), and as the front cover indicates, a sequel of sorts to 1969's Hot Rats. According to Zappa, the title 'is something that showed up on a ouija board at one time.'

Fusion and orchestral prog rock determine Waka/Jawaka in equal parts. The long player is relatively relaxed, with excellent Zappa material of those years. On the line-up is the grandiose fusion keyboard player George Duke, who puts his stamp on Waka/Jawaka, next to trumpeter Sal Marquez, whose sound is strongly echoed by Miles Davis. Zappa wrote the material in a wheelchair while recovering from an accident, which occurred at a concert in London, when a fan stormed the stage and pushed Zappa into the orchestra pit. Instead of confused theatrical pieces and the rough, blues-y Mothers-style jamming, you can hear crystal-clear jazz-improvisation here.

Track Listing

  1. Big Swifty
  2. Your Mouth
  3. It Just Might Be a One-shot Deal
  4. Waka/Jawaka
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