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Frank Zappa – Chunga's Revenge (CD)

Frank Zappa – Chunga's Revenge (CD)

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Chunga's Revenge is the third solo album by Frank Zappa, released on 23 October 1970. Zappa's first effort of the 1970s marked the first appearance of former Turtles members Flo & Eddie on a Zappa record, and signalled the dawn of a controversial epoch in Zappa's history. Chunga's Revenge represents a shift from both the satirical political commentary of his 1960s work with The Mothers of Invention, and the jazz fusion of Hot Rats.

The material presented on Chunga's Revenge is eclectic: side one includes a guitar jam (Transylvania Boogie), a bluesy amble (Road Ladies), a jazz interlude (Twenty Small Cigars) and an avant garde live improvisation (The Nancy and Mary Music) drawn from King Kong from a July 1970 Mothers performance, released officially on Road Tapes, Venue 3.

Several poppy numbers (Tell Me You Love Me, Would You Go All the Way?, Rudy Wants to Buy Yez a Drink, Sharleena) appeared on the second side along with the improvisational title track and a percussion-only track (The Clap). Twenty Small Cigars was drawn from the Hot Rats sessions from summer 1969. Transylvania Boogie and Chunga's Revenge come from the early 1970 period where Zappa performed with a band informally known as Hot Rats, including Ian Underwood, Don Sugarcane Harris, Max Bennett and Aynsley Dunbar. Also from this period is The Clap, a short multitracked percussion piece with Zappa as the only musician. The vocal tracks all deal with the subject of sex and/or groupie encounters and as Zappa notes on the sleeve of both the vinyl and CD, were a preview of the then forthcoming 200 Motels film/album, and date from the summer of 1970 after the formation of the new Mothers of Invention line-up.

Track Listing

  1. Transylvania Boogie
  2. Road Ladies
  3. Twenty Small Cigars
  4. The Nancy & Mary Music
  5. Tell Me You Love Me
  6. Would You Go All the Way?
  7. Chunga's Revenge
  8. The Clap
  9. Rudy Wants to Buy Yez a Drink
  10. Sharleena
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