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Thin Lizzy – Johnny the Fox (2020 Reissue on 180g Vinyl)

Thin Lizzy – Johnny the Fox (2020 Reissue on 180g Vinyl)

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Released on 16 October 1976 Johnny the Fox is the seventh studio album by Thin Lizzy. This album was written and recorded while bassist/vocalist Phil Lynott was recovering from a bout of hepatitis that put him off the road halfway through the previous Jailbreak Tour. Don’t Believe a Word was a British hit single.

Johnny the Fox was the last Thin Lizzy studio album on which guitarist Brian Robertson featured as a full member of the band, as the personality clashes between him and Lynott resulted in Robertson being sacked, reinstated, and later sacked again.

Harry Doherty of Melody Maker, praised Johnny the Fox, comparing it to Jailbreak, writing there is ‘more subtlety, the melodies are stronger, and, most importantly, the scope of the material is much wider than the hard rock associated with Lizzy’, showing a band more versatile than on the previous recording.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Johnny
  2. Rocky
  3. Borderline
  4. Don’t Believe a Word
  5. Fool’s Gold

Side Two

  1. Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed
  2. Old Flame
  3. Massacre
  4. Sweet Marie
  5. Boogie-Woogie Dance
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