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T. Rex – Futuristic Dragon (2020 Reissue on 180g Clear Vinyl)

T. Rex – Futuristic Dragon (2020 Reissue on 180g Clear Vinyl)

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Released on 30 January 1976, Futuristic Dragon is the seventh studio album by T. Rex (their eleventh since their debut as Tyrannosaurus Rex in 1968).

The album was preceded by two successful singles that went into the UK chart, New York City and Dreamy Lady. The album saw Marc Bolan kept on experimenting, blending rock with soul music and disco elements on certain tracks.

Futuristic Dragon features some unusually dense production from Bolan, especially on Chrome Sitar and Calling All Destroyers, which contained unusual musical embellishments such as the sitar and other sonic sound effects.

The album includes a nod to a new genre disco on the track Dreamy Lady, which was released as a single under the moniker of T Rex Disco Party. Futuristic Dragon also contains tracks heavily influenced by American soul music, which Bolan had been experimenting with since 1973. All Alone, Ride My Wheels, and Dawn Storm all feature predominantly soul-based rhythms and instrumentation.

The sleeve illustration was conceived by artist George Underwood, who had first worked with Bolan on the 1968 Tyrannosaurus Rex album My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair….


Track Listing

Side One

  1. Futuristic Dragon (Introduction)
  2. Jupiter Liar
  3. Chrome Sitar
  4. All Alone
  5. New York City
  6. My Little Baby
  7. Calling All Destroyers

Side Two

  1. Theme for a Dragon (Instrumental)
  2. Sensation Boulevard
  3. Ride My Wheels
  4. Dreamy Lady
  5. Dawn Storm
  6. Casual Agent
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