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Steve Hillage – Motivation Radio (2007 Remastered CD)

Steve Hillage – Motivation Radio (2007 Remastered CD)

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Motivation Radio is the third studio album by British art rock musician Steve Hillage. Whilst touring in the United States in promotion of his previous album L (1976), Hillage grew disillusioned with the progressive rock tag attached to him by the media and fans, and disliked their attitude towards funk music, which Hillage was a big fan of. Hillage wanted to create a funk-influenced album as he was predominately listening to artists such as Funkadelic and Earth, Wind & Fire.


Track Listing

  1. Hello Dawn        
  2. Motivation         
  3. Light in the Sky
  4. Radio    
  5. Wait One Moment         
  6. Saucer Surfing  
  7. Searching for the Spark
  8. Octave Doctors
  9.  Not Fade Away (Glid Forever)
  10. Leylines to Glassdom (Tonto Version) [Bonus Track]
  11. The Salmon Song (Original "Power Trio" Backing Track) [Bonus Track]
  12. The Golden Vibe (Alternate Mix) [Bonus Track]
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