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Status Quo – Whatever You Want: The Essential Status Quo (3-CD Set)

Status Quo – Whatever You Want: The Essential Status Quo (3-CD Set)

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Featuring a whopping 52 tracks, this 3-CD set is the ultimate Status Quo retrospective including the band’s greatest hits alongside a selection of live rarities.

Track Listing

Disc One

1. Paper Plane

2. Again and Again

3. Rockin’ All Over the World [John Eden Remix]

4. Roll Over Lay Down

5. Rain [live]

6. Whatever You Want

7. What You’re Proposing

8. Rollin’ Home [12” version]

9. Mystery Song

10. Rock ’til You Drop

11. Little Lady

12. Is There a Better Way

13. A Mess of Blues

14. Perfect Remedy

15. Hard Time

16. Something ’bout You Baby I Like

17. Accident Prone

18. Can’t Give You More

19. I Didn’t Mean It

Disc Two

1. Don’t Waste My Time

2. Big Fat Mama

3. Break the Rules

4. Softer Ride

5. Just Take Me

6. Junior’s Wailing [Live at Glasgow Apollo, Glasgow 1976]

7. Hold You Back [John Eden Remix]

8. Ol’ Rag Blues

9. Little Dreamer

10. Fakin’ the Blues

11. Sherri Don’t Fail Me Now

12. Too Far Gone

13. Marguerita Time

14. Living On An Island

15. Dear John

16. Nightride

17. Never Too Late

18. Young Pretender

Disc Three

1. In the Army Now [Military Mix]

2. Medley [Milton Keynes 1984]

Mystery Song
Most of the Time
Wild Side of Life
Slow Train

3. Dreamin’

4. Running All Over the World

5. Burning Bridges (On and Off and On Again)

6. Ain’t Complaining

7. The Wanderer [Sharon the Nag Mix]

8. Medley: Roadhouse Medley [Anniversary Waltz Part 25]

The Wanderer
Marguerita Time
Living On An Island
Break the Rules
Something ’bout You Baby I Like

9. Restless

10. In My Chair [live]

11. Joanne

12. Red Sky

13. I Love Rock and Roll

14. Shady Lady

15. Don’t Drive My Car

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