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Rush – Counterparts (CD)

Rush – Counterparts (CD)

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Rush – Counterparts

Counterparts is the fifteenth studio album by Canadian rock band Rush, released October 19, 1993 on Anthem Records. After they finished touring their previous album Roll the Bones in mid-1992, the band took a break before they started work on a follow-up. By 1993, alternative rock had arrived in a big way, and surprisingly, Canadian veterans Rush were game, releasing their most honest and organic rock & roll record in over a decade with Counterparts. Opener Animate is straightforward enough, but doesn't even hint at the guitar ferocity and lyrical angst of Stick it Out, a song which undoubtedly polarizes Rush fans to this day. Intellectual melodic rockers like Cut to the Chase, At the Speed of Love, and Everyday Glory are also present (and less shocking), but diversity continues to rule the day with Geddy Lee’s bass taking charge on the amazingly sombre Double Agent and the giddy instrumental Leave That Thing Alone. Pure hard rock resurfaces on Cold Fire,but it is the largely acoustic Nobody's Hero which provides the album's most gripping moment with an impassioned plea for HIV consciousness and understanding.

Track Listing:

Disc 1

  1. Animate (Remastered LP Version)
  2. Stick It Out (Remastered LP Version)
  3. Cut To The Chase (Remastered LP Version)
  4. Nobody's Hero (Remastered LP Version)
  5. Between Sun & Moon (Remastered LP Version)
  6. Alien Shore (Remastered LP Version)
  7. The Speed Of Love (Remastered LP Version)
  8. Double Agent (Remastered LP Version)
  9. Leave That Thing Alone (Remastered LP Version)
  10. Cold Fire (Remastered LP Version)
  11. Everyday Glory (Remastered LP Version)


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