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Rolling Stones – Between the Buttons (2003 DSD Remastered on 180g Vinyl)

Rolling Stones – Between the Buttons (2003 DSD Remastered on 180g Vinyl)

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Between the Buttons is the fifth British (and seventh American) studio album by the Rolling Stones. It reflected the Stones’ brief foray into psychedelia and baroque pop balladry during the era.

Sessions for the album began on 3 August 1966 and lasted until the 11th at Los Angeles’ RCA Studios during the Stones’ 1966 American Tour. With Between the Buttons, virtuoso band member Brian Jones had become less interested in electric guitar as an instrument, and on the album he only contributed electric guitar on one track apiece on the American release and the British version. The album is among the band’s most musically eclectic works; Jones played a wide variety of other instruments including organ, marimba, vibraphone, and kazoo.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Yesterday’s Papers
  2. My Obsession
  3. Back Street Girl
  4. Connection
  5. She Smiled Sweetly
  6. Cool, Calm & Collected

Side Two

  1. All Sold Out
  2. Please Go Home
  3. Who’s Been Sleeping Here
  4. Complicated
  5. Miss Amanda Jones
  6. Something Happened to Me Yesterday

Producer: Andrew Loog Oldham

Format: Vinyl / 12” Album

Label: ABCKO

Barcode: 042288232612

Release Date: 20 Oct 2003

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