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Ratt – Original Album Series (Deluxe 5-CD Box Set)

Ratt – Original Album Series (Deluxe 5-CD Box Set)

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This incredible value CD box set comprises five original albums housed in individual cardboard sleeves. This set includes the following five albums: Out of the Cellar, Invasion of Your Privacy, Dancing Undercover, Reach for the Sky and Detonator.

This collection of Ratt's first five albums covers the years from 1984 to 1990 that saw them have significant commercial success. Tracks such as Round and Round, Wanted Man and Lay It Down helped define the Glam Metal genre, while their later output such as Way Cool Jr.. and I Want a Woman featured heavily on MTV. Originally hailing from San Diego California, Ratt were a key figure in the formation of the 80's Los Angeles hard rock and glam metal scene.


Track Listing

Disc 1 – Out of the Cellar

  1. Wanted Man
  2. You're in Trouble
  3. Round Round
  4. In Your Direction
  5. She Wants Money
  6. Lack of Communication
  7. Back for More
  8. The Morning After
  9. I'm Insane
  10. Scene of the Crime

Disc 2 – Invasion of Your Privacy

  1. You're in Love
  2. Never Use Love
  3. Lay It Down
  4. Give It All
  5. Closer to My Heart
  6. Between the Eyes
  7. What You Give Is What You Get
  8. Got Me On the Line
  9. You Should Know By Now
  10. Dangerous But Worth the Risk

Disc 3 – Dancing Undercover

  1. Dance
  2. One Good Lover
  3. Drive Me Crazy
  4. Slip of the Lip
  5. Body Talk
  6. Looking for Love
  7. 7th Avenue
  8. It Doesn't Matter
  9. Take a Chance
  10. Enough Is Enough

Disc 4 – Reach for the Sky

  1. City to City
  2. I Want a Woman
  3. Way Cool Jr.
  4. Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You
  5. I Want to Love You Tonight
  6. Chain Reaction
  7. No Surprise
  8. Bottom Line
  9. What's It Gonna Be
  10. What I'm After

Disc 5 – Detonator

  1. Intro to Shame
  2. Shame Shame Shame
  3. Lovin' You's a Dirty Job
  4. Scratch That Itch
  5. One Step Away
  6. Hard Time
  7. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
  8. All Or Nothing
  9. Can't Wait On Love
  10. Givin' Yourself Away
  11. Top Secret


Manufacturer‏: ‎Rhino
Original Release Date: ‎2013
Label: Rhino
Country of origin: ‎Germany
Number of discs: ‎5

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