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Rainbow – Tokyo 1980: 2CD

Rainbow – Tokyo 1980: 2CD

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Rainbow – Tokyo 1980

SUPERB 2 CD SET FEATURING RAINBOW IN JAPAN IN 1980. Following the 1978 departure of Ronnie James Dio as Rainbow’s vocalist, Ritchie Blackmore firstly offered the role to Ian Gillan Blackmore’s old Deep Purple colleague but when he was turned down the job went to former Marbles singer Graham Bonnet. Concurrently, Don Airey joined on keyboards and another former Purple man, Roger Glover, took over on bass while also producing and composing lyrics. The band s first album with the new line up, Down To Earth, came out in July 1979 to rapturous praise from critics and fans alike. The record included the group’s two biggest hit singles, Since You Been Gone and All Night Long . The Down To Earth Tour kicked off in summer 1979 and played across North America, Europe and the Far East where, on 9th May 1980, the group performed at the Budokan in Tokyo, putting on one of the tour s finest and best remembered shows. Recorded for local TV and FM Radio broadcast, this previously unreleased concert is now available on this 2CD set, 40 years after the legendary gig was performed.

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Pomp and Circumstance/Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  2. Eyes of the World
  3. Love's No Friend
  4. Since You Been Gone
  5. Man On the Silver Mountain
  6. Catch the Rainbow

Disc 2

  1. Don Airey Solo #1
  2. Lost in Hollywood
  3. Band Jam/A Light in the Black/Ritchie Blackmore Solo #1
  4. Difficult to Cure
  5. Don Airey Solo #2
  6. Cozy Powell Drum Solo
  7. Lost in Hollywood Reprise/Ritchie Blackmore Solo #2
  8. Lazy
  9. All Night Long
  10. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
  11. Kill the King/Guitar Clash
  12. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll Reprise
  13. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Exit Music)


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