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Pantera – Reinventing the Steel (20th Anniversary Edition Double-LP on 180g Silver Vinyl)

Pantera – Reinventing the Steel (20th Anniversary Edition Double-LP on 180g Silver Vinyl)

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Pantera’s final studio album is celebrated with this 2-LP set, pressed onto 180g audiophile silver vinyl, featuring a new Terry Date mix on one album, plus eight rare bonus tracks making their vinyl debut on the other.

Pantera’s final opus, Reinventing the Steel, represented a recommitment to everything the band loved about heavy metal. Released in 2000 at the peak of nu-metal’s popularity, the album’s back-to-basics approach flew in the face of the trend and served as a potent reminder of the enduring power of primal metal.

After several years of mounting friction, which hit a peak during the cycle for 1996’s The Great Southern Trendkill, Pantera pulled together and came out fighting with Reinventing the Steel. According to frontman Phil Anselmo, ‘There was a renewed level of brotherhood there and a renewed sense of enjoyment with the songwriting.’ Bassist Rex Brown added, ‘We chose our five favourite songs from each album we had done and picked apart what we liked about them. In that regard, Reinventing the Steel was kind of a rebirth for us. Everyone came to the table with what they thought was cool and what they wanted to do.’


Track Listing

Side One

  1. Hellbound
  2. Goddam Electric
  3. Yesterday Don't Mean Shit
  4. You've Got to Belong to It
  5. Revolution Is My Name

Side Two

  1. Death Rattle
  2. We'll Grind That Axe for a Long Time
  3. Uplift
  4. It Makes Them Disappear
  5. I'll Cast a Shadow

Side Three

  1. Avoid the Light
  2. Immortally Insane
  3. Cat Scratch Fever
  4. Hole in the Sky

Side Four

  1. Electric Funeral
  2. Goddam Electric (Radio Mix)
  3. Revolution Is My Name (Radio Edit)
  4. I'll Cast a Shadow (Radio Edit)


Format: Vinyl / 12” Album Coloured Vinyl

No of Discs: 2

Label: Rhino

Barcode: 603497846368

Release Date: 15 Jan 2021

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