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Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition

Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition

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Despite its post-apocalyptic setting, Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition delivers classic Monopoly wheeling and dealing game play. Players vie for, and then must fortify, the prime real estate and resources that will sustain their lives. There’s only one victor that will outlast the others - whether living or undead - when all is said and done. This completely customized game features six collectible tokens, optional speed play and a fight to the finish!

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Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition

The standard Monopoly pieces are given a unique spin to fit the world of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead. Currency has been replaced with supplies. Houses are walls and hotels are guard towers. Chance cards become Scavenge cards, and the Community Chest cards are Supply Chest cards. Income Tax has been replaced with herd, the Luxury Tax has been replaced with Protection. Other changes include the following:

Tokens: Katana, Rick’s Hat, RV, Lucille, Telephone, Bucket of Body Parts

Utilities: Generator, Running Water

Railroads: Horse, Motorcycle, RV, Truck

Brown: Downtown Atlanta Survivor’s Camp Light
Blue: Cynthiana Police Department, Harrison Memorial Hospital, Rick’s Neighborhood
Magenta: Prison Block C, Prison Block A, Prison Courtyard
Orange: Greene Family Farm house, Greene Family Barn, Wiltshire Estates
Red: Downtown Woodbury, Woodbury Fight Arena, Woodbury Hospital
Yellow: The Hunters' Base, Father Gabriel’s Church, National Guard Station
Green: The Kingdom Sanctuary (Savior's Base), Downtown Washington, DC
Blue: Alexandria Safe-Zone, Hilltop Colony

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