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Led Zeppelin – Coda (Remastered by Jimmy Page on CD)

Led Zeppelin – Coda (Remastered by Jimmy Page on CD)

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Led Zeppelin - Coda CD Album: 2015 Remastered by Jimmy Page

Coda is a rarities compilation album by the English rock band Led Zeppelin. The album is a collection of unused tracks from various sessions during Led Zeppelin's twelve-year career. It was released in 19 November 1982, two years after the group had officially disbanded following the death of John Bonham.

Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. We're Gonna Groove

2. Poor Tom

3. I Can't Quit You Baby

4. Walter's Walk 

5. Ozone Baby

6. Darlene

7. Bonzo's Montreux

8. Wearing and Tearing

Disc 2

1. We're Gonna Groove (Alternate Mix)

2. If It Keeps On Raining (Rough Mix)

3. Bonzo's Montreux (Mix Construction in Progress)

4. Baby Come On Home

5. Sugar Mama (Mix)

6. Poor Tom (Instrumental Mix)

7. Travelling Riverside Blues (BBC Session)

8. Hey, Hey, What Can I Do

Disc 3

1. Four Hands (Four Sticks) (Bombay Orchestra)

2. Friends (Bombay Orchestra)

3. St. Tristan's Sword (Rough Mix)

4. Desire (The Wanton Song) (Rough Mix)

5. Bring It On Home (Rough Mix)

6. Walter's Walk (Rough Mix)

7. Everybody Makes It Through (In the Light) (Rough Mix)

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