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Kylie Minogue - Enjoy Yourself (1989 Original)

Kylie Minogue - Enjoy Yourself (1989 Original)

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Enjoy yourself with this original copy of Kylie's classic 1989 release. This UK No. 1 album features four hit singles including the two No. 1 hits Hand on Your Heart and Tears on My Pillow, as well as Wouldn't Change a Thing and Never Too Late. It's a great piece of bubblegum pop, and peak early-Kylie. 

This is a vintage cassette and is not factory sealed.
This item is in excellent condition - please see images for details. 

Track Listing:
Side A

  1. Wouldn't Change a Thing
  2. Hand on Your Heart
  3. Enjoy Yourself
  4. Tell Tale Signs
  5. Tears on My Pillow

Side B

  1. Never Too Late
  2. Nothing to Lose
  3. Heaven and Earth
  4. I'm Over Dreaming (Over You)
  5. My Secret Heart
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