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Eagles – Desperado (CD)

Eagles – Desperado (CD)

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This is the Eagles’ second studio album Desperado – released on 17 April 1973.  Although Desperado is the album's most famous track and one of the Eagles’ signature songs, it was never released as a single. Other classic Eagles favourites featured on the album include Doolin-Dalton, Tequila Sunrise and Outlaw Man.

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Eagles – Desperado (CD)

Desperado remains the only Eagles album where the band members appear on the front cover, on which the band members are featured dressed like an outlaw gang. This is fitting as the songs on Desperado are based on the themes of the Old West.

Track Listing:

  1. Doolin-Dalton
  2. Twenty-one
  3. Out of Control
  4. Tequila Sunrise
  5. Desperado
  6. Certain Kind of Fool
  7. Doolin-Dalton (Instrumental)
  8. Outlaw Man
  9. Saturday Night
  10. Bitter Creek
  11. Doolin-Dalton/Desperado (Reprise)
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