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Bowie – 1966 (12-Inch Vinyl)

Bowie – 1966 (12-Inch Vinyl)

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In 1972, at the height of David Bowie's glam-era fame, former label Pye unlocked the vault and produced an EP, the aptly-named For the Collector - Early David Bowie, reprising four of the six songs Bowie recorded during 1965-1966. The 1966 recordings have now been remastered, with a crisp and lively sound and features a superb sleeve from the era.

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David Bowie – 1966 (12-Inch Vinyl)

Since 1966 the tracks on this album have established themselves as mod pop classics. Here they are now in all their glory, half a dozen slices of the young Bowie at his most endearing, mourning lost love and celebrating youthful promise, with his whole life ahead of him and fame still more than half a decade away.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. I'm Not Losing Sleep
  2. I Dig Everything
  3. Can't Help Thinking About Me

Side Two

  1. Do Anything You Say
  2. Good Morning Girl
  3. And I Say to Myself
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