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Thin Lizzy – Renegade (2013 Reissue CD)

Thin Lizzy – Renegade (2013 Reissue CD)

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This is the 2013 reissue of Thin Lizzy’s 11th studio album Renegade, containing five bonus tracks, including an extended version of Hollywood and the edited version of Renegade

Though not his first appearance, Renegade was the first album in which keyboard player Darren Wharton was credited as a permanent member. As such, he made a contribution as a songwriter on the opening track Angel of Death. Although he had officially joined the band, his picture was omitted from the album sleeve.


Track Listing

  1. Angel of Death
  2. Renegade
  3. The Pressure Will Blow
  4. Leave This Town
  5. Hollywood
  6. No One Told Him
  7. Fats
  8. Mexican Blood
  9. It's Getting Dangerous
  10. Trouble Boys
  11. Memory Pain
  12. Hollywood (Extended Version)
  13. Renegade (Edited)
  14. Hollywood (Edited Promo Version)
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