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Kraftwerk – The Mix (Limited Edition Double-LP on Translucent White 180g Vinyl)

Kraftwerk – The Mix (Limited Edition Double-LP on Translucent White 180g Vinyl)

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The Mix is the tenth studio album by Kraftwerk. It was originally released on 11 June 1991. It featured entirely re-arranged and re-recorded versions of a selection of songs which had originally appeared on the albums Autobahn (1974) through Electric Café (1986). Some of the songs even came with new additional melodies and/or lyrics (The Robots and Radioactivity for example).

Despite its somewhat confusing title (inspired by the inflationary tendency in the early 90s to remix classic Kraftwerk songs), The Mix is not a remix album in the proper sense, and the band itself never called it a remix album. They always listed it as their ‘Number 7’ studio album since their turn to electro pop with Autobahn in 1974, as it can be seen in their ‘Catalogue’ releases.

Ralf Hütter stated in interviews that he regarded The Mix as a type of ‘live’ album, as it captured the results of the band’s continual digital improvisations in their Kling Klang studio. The band had made a return to the stage in 1990, after a nine-year hiatus from touring, and since then the band’s live setlist has used arrangements drawn from The Mix rather than the original recordings.


Track Listing

Side One

  1. The Robots
  2. Computer Love

Side Two

  1. Pocket Calculator
  2. Dentaku
  3. Autobahn

Side Three

  1. Radioactivity
  2. Trans Europe Express
  3. Abzug
  4. Metal On Metal

Side Four

  1. Home Computer
  2. Music Non Stop


Format: Vinyl / 12” Album Coloured Vinyl

No of Discs: 2

Label: Parlophone

Barcode: 0190295272128

Release Date: 9 Oct 2020

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