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Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation (2016 Reissue on 180g Vinyl)

Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation (2016 Reissue on 180g Vinyl)

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Released on 25 August 1987, Permanent Vacation is the ninth studio album by Aerosmith. The album marks the band’s shift to a glam metal sound that they would maintain up to 2001’s Just Push Play.

It was their first to employ songwriters outside the band, instead of featuring songs solely composed by them. This came at the suggestion of executive John Kalodner. He also pushed the band to work with producer Bruce Fairbairn, who remained with them for another two albums.

Though Done with Mirrors was intended to mark Aerosmith’s comeback, Permanent Vacation is often considered their true comeback, as it was the band’s first truly popular album since their reunion. Rag Doll, Dude (Looks Like a Lady), and Angel became major hits (all three charted in the Top 20) and helped Permanent Vacation become the band’s greatest success in a decade.


Track Listing

Side One

  1. Heart's Done Time
  2. Magic Touch
  3. Rag Doll
  4. Simoriah
  5. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
  6. St. John

Side Two

  1. Hangman Jury
  2. Girl Keeps Coming Apart
  3. Angel
  4. Permanent Vacation
  5. I'm Down
  6. The Movie


Producer: Bruce Fairbairn

Format: Vinyl / 12” Album

Label: Island Records

Barcode: 0602547954374

Release Date: 9 Dec 2016

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