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Camel – Rain Dances (CD)

Camel – Rain Dances (CD)

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Camel - Rain Dances: The Classic Album on CD

Rain Dances is the fifth studio album by English progressive rock band Camel. It was released in 1977 and brought a major change to the band's line-up, by replacing bassist Doug Ferguson with ex- Caravan member Richard Sinclair and by adding saxophonist Mel Collins, formerly of King Crimson. There were also a number of additional contributions, which included a performance by Brian Eno.

Track Listing:

1. First Light

2. Metrognome

3. Tell Me

4. Highways of the Sun

5. Unevensong

6. One of These Days I'll Get an Early Night

7. Elke

8. Skylines

9. Rain Dances

10. Highways of the Sun (Single Version)

11. First Light

12. Metrognome

13. Unevensong

14. Skylines

15. Highways of the Sun

16. One of These Days I'll Get an Early Night

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