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Camel – Mirage (2019 Remastered CD)

Camel – Mirage (2019 Remastered CD)

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Camel - Mirage: The Classic Prog Rock Album 2019 Remaster on CD

Mirage is the second studio album by the English progressive rock band, Camel. Released on the 1st March 1974, it features songs such as The White Rider and Lady Fantasy. It is also a showcase for Andrew Latimer's flute, played in Supertwister. There are five tracks on Mirage, two of which are over 9 minutes long.

Track Listing:

1. Freefall

2. Supertwister

3. Nimrodel/ The Procession/ The White Rider

4. Earthrise

5. Lady Fantasy: Encounter/ Smiles for You/ Lady Fantasy

6. Supertwister

7. Mystic Queen

8. Arubaluba

9. Lady Fantasy


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