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Black Sabbath – The Dio Years (CD)

Black Sabbath – The Dio Years (CD)

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Black Sabbath: The Dio Years is a 2007 compilation album of material recorded by Black Sabbath during vocalist Ronnie James Dio's tenure in the band. The CD contains remastered tracks taken from the studio albums Heaven and Hell (1980), Mob Rules (1981), and Dehumanizer (1992), as well as a live version of the song Children of the Sea taken from the live album Live Evil (1982). It also contains three new recorded songs: The Devil Cried, Shadow of the Wind, and Ear in the Wall.


Track Listing

1. Neon Knights

2. Lady Evil

3. Heaven and Hell

4. Die Young

5. Lonely Is the Word

6. The Mob Rules

7. Turn Up the Night

8. Voodoo

9. Falling Off the Edge of the World

10. After All (The Dead)

11. TV Crimes

12. I (Who Have Nothing)

13. Children Of The Sea (Live)

14. The Devil Cried (New Recording)

15. Shadow Of The Wind (New Recording)

16. Ear In The Wall (New Recording)

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