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Black Sabbath – Sabotage (2015 Reissue on 180g Vinyl)

Black Sabbath – Sabotage (2015 Reissue on 180g Vinyl)

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Released on 28 July 1975, Sabotage is the sixth studio album by Black Sabbath. It was recorded in the midst of litigation with their former manager Patrick Meehan. The stress that resulted from the band’s ongoing legal woes infiltrated the recording process, inspiring the album’s title. It was co-produced by guitarist Tony Iommi and Mike Butcher.

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Black Sabbath – Sabotage (2015 Reissue on 180g Vinyl)

Sabotage peaked at No. 7 in the United Kingdom and at No. 28 in the United States. It was certified Silver (60,000 units sold) in the UK by the BPI on 1 December 1975 and Gold in the US on 16 June 1997, but was the band’s first release not to achieve platinum status in the US. For the second time, a Black Sabbath album initially saw favourable reviews, with Rolling Stone stating ‘Sabotage is not only Black Sabbath’s best record since Paranoid, it might be their best ever.’ Later reviews were also favourable; Greg Prato of AllMusic said that ‘Sabotage is the final release of Black Sabbath’s legendary First Six’.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Hole in the Sky
  2. Don’t Start (Too Late)
  3. Symptom of the Universe
  4. Megalomania

Side Two

  1. Thrill of It All
  2. Supertzar
  3. Am I Going Insane (Radio)
  4. The Writ
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