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10cc – Essential 10cc (2021 Reissue 3-CD Box Set)

10cc – Essential 10cc (2021 Reissue 3-CD Box Set)

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10cc – Essential 10cc (2021 Reissue 3-CD Box Set)

In a 7 year period from the autumn of 1972 to the winter of 1978, 10cc were rarely ‘off air’ as a series of singles repeatedly crashed the UK charts. With 11 top 10’s of which 3 hit the top spot,10cc established themselves as a stellar pop band capable of producing memorable, yet stylistically diverse songs with broad appeal.

Formed in Stockport in 1968 the ability to create these very different yet equally catchy songs came from the fact that unlike most groups who’d usually have one songwriter or song writing team, within 10cc there were two teams. Kevin Godley and Lol Crème were essentially more experimental and interested in the visual arts as much as song, whilst Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart were predominantly ‘pop’ writers. All were multi-instrumentalists and competent producers so in short each could very much ‘hold their own’ when it came to making music.

Between 1972 and 1978 they would score 5 UK Top 10 studio albums but despite the success and perhaps as a result of their huge individual talents Godley and Crème would depart in 1976 and go on to further success as a duo.

More than just a best of, the Essential 10cc gives listeners the chance to engage with some of the best pop and most creative music of the 70s.

Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. I'm Not in Love

2. Life Is a Minestrone

3. I'm Mandy Fly Me

4. The Second Sitting for the Last Supper

5. Brand New Day

6. Channel Swimmer

7. Good News

8. Une Nuit a Paris (Part 1)/The Same Night in Paris (Part 2)/Later the Same Night in Paris (Part 3)

9. Get It While You Can

10. I Wanna Rule the World

11. Head Room

12. Lazy Ways

13. Iceberg

14. People in Love

15. Marriage Bureau Rendezvous

16. Modern Man Blues

17. I'm So Laid Back, I'm Laid Out

18. Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste

Disc 2

1. Dreadlock Holiday

2. The Things We Do for Love

3. The Wall Street Shuffle

4. Waterfall

5. Ships Don't Disappear in the Night (Do They?)

6. You've Got a Cold

7. Lifeline

8. Take These Chains

9. From Rochdale to Ocho Rios

10. Last Night

11. Nothing Can Move Me

12. It Doesn't Matter at All

13. Strange Lover

14. Welcome to the World

15. Dressed to Kill

16. Only Child

17. I'm Not in Love

18. Dreadlock Holiday

Disc 3

1. Good Morning Judge

2. Art for Art's Sake

3. The Power of Love

4. You're Coming Home Again

5. Run Away

6. Les Nouveaux Riches

7. Don't Ask

8. Memories

9. Action Man in a Motown Suit

10. We've Heard It All Before

11. Oomachasaooma (Feel the Love)

12. Food for Thought

13. Yes I Am

14. She Gives Me Pain

15. Something Special

16. Welcome to Paradise

17. Don't

18. Lost in Love

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