Rainbow – Uncensored on the Record


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“He’s not paying me anymore, so I can say what I like. Ritchie is the greatest guitarist in the world.” – Bobby Rondinelli of Rainbow. This is the independent and uncensored guide to the music of Rainbow. Written by Jeff Perkins, this amazing eBook is the ultimate commemoration of one of the greatest rock bands on the planet. Also featured are rare and previously unreleased interviews with Ritchie Blackmore and the late great Ronnie James Dio. The views of the two founders are complemented by new in depth and totally candid interviews with the key members including Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Bobby Rondinelli, Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner and Doogie White. A must have for any serious music fan; this completely independent critical review leaves no stone unturned as it explores the Rainbow legend. Essential reading for Rainbow fans of every era.