Arctic Monkeys – Uncensored on the Record


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It is clear, from their career to date that the Arctic Monkeys are a band that has paved a new way for acts following them. Using the new systems of making and distributing music to their advantage, they have proved that compromises donÕt need to be made at the expense of good music, if you have the backing of an audience. They made indie music a profitable and attractive prospect, a gift for which the British music scene should be very grateful. Whether they continue to break new barriers remains to be seen, but if they continue in the way that they have to date, then they will surely cement their position as one of the most important British groups in the history of popular music. This eBook traces the Arctic Monkeys story from their early days in Sheffield to fame and stardom as the world wide rock phenomenon that we know today. Also included is a complete track-by-track analysis of the bandÕs studio releases. This is essential for any Arctic Monkeys fan.