AC/DC – Uncensored on the Record


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This is the ultimate critical review of a legendary band, from the early days playing obscure clubs to conquering the world. For many fans, Bon Scott was a legendary front man without equal, and his powerful voice was the key to a host of classic hits from Whole Lotta Rosie to Let There Be Rock. After his tragic death, the virtually unknown Brian Johnson steeped into the breach, and AC/DC came storming back with the classic album Back In Black. This unique book draws together a team of AC/DC insiders to review the legacy of probably the best hard rock band the world has ever seen. With interviews from Bon Scott and Angus Young, plus the inside story from Pete Way of UFO who toured with the band, this is essential for all AC/DC fans. This book also features an in-depth biography of the band, a chronology and a track-by-track analysis of AC/DC’s studio albums. A must have for any serious music fan; this completely independent critical review leaves no stone unturned as it explores the AC/DC legend.